MobiX3D player

MobiX3D is a mobile player for X3D and H-Anim content. The rendering engine of the MobiX3D player supports classic lighting and shading algorithms and is based on the OpenGL ES standard.

Two versions of MobiX3D are currently available. One is meant for any PocketPC and uses the OpenGL ES 1.1 Hybrid Rasteroid library, the other is meant for devices equipped with the Intel 2700G graphics accelerator and uses the Intel 2700G implementation of the OpenGL ES 1.0 CL API. For both versions, we have also used the GlutES toolkit.

The MobiX3D player currently supports a subset of the X3D Interactive profile and the full H-Anim standard. The final goal of our project is to support the full X3D Interactive profile and the full H-Anim standard.

The Intel 2700G hardware-accelerated version of the MobiX3D player was tested on a Dell Axim X50V. The general version was tested on various PocketPC devices.

The MobiX3D player exploits the OpenGL ES implementations to support various features, such as transparency (alpha-blending), color and shading (wireframe, flat and gouraud shading supported), texturing, lighting, backface culling.


October 1, 2006

Version 0.6 of the MobiX3D player released.
Among other things, the 0.6 version of MobiX3D provides: (i) full support of opaque and transparent textures (bmp, jpg, png, gif), (ii) support of viewpoint animations, (iii) implementation of a basic view frustum culling algorithm based on axis-aligned bounding boxes, (iv) several bug fixes and optimizations, and (v) adoption of the recent Hybrid Rasteroid 3.1 implementation of OpenGL ES 1.1.

August 1, 2006

New video demo of the MobiX3D player.

April 13, 2006

Version 0.2 of the MobiX3D player has been released. The list of the X3D nodes partially or fully supported by our player is here.

Technical Paper

Nadalutti D., Chittaro L., Buttussi F., Rendering of X3D Content on Mobile Devices with OpenGL ES, Proceedings of Web3D 2006: 11th International Conference on 3D Web Technology, ACM Press, New York, April 2006, pp. 19-26.


  • PocketPC 2003 or later.
  • An OpenGL ES implementation. (NOTE: If your PDA is equipped with the Intel 2700G graphics accelerator, you already have it!). We recommend the Hybrid Rasteroid 3.1 library. Freely download it from the Hybrid website. Then, copy the libGLES_CM_NoE.dll and the libEGL.dll files to the /windows folder on your PocketPC.


MobiX3D 0.6 is no longer available for download

Contact information

For suggestions, information and bug reports, please write a mail to the lab director



H-Anim humanoid performing sign language