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Applications for Health, Fitness and Sports

Team: Buttussi F., Chittaro L.

Health, fitness and sports are new frontiers in the development of mobile and desktop applications. Our Entert(r)ain project aims at using the most recent technologies and interaction techniques to propose innovative applications that mix entertainment and training aspects for improving users' health and wellness. MOPET (MObile PErsonal Trainer) is the first result of the Entert(r)ain project. MOPET uses a GPS device to monitor user's position and speed during her physical activities outdoors and an heart rate monitor to check if the user is exercising at the correct intensity. Moreover, MOPET includes an embodied virtual trainer to provide context-aware exercise demonstrations and user-adapted advice. Since users may need support also before and after a fitness session, we designed a tool to find a fitness trail that meet some objective and subjective requirements as well as a tool to visualize and compare users' performance over different sessions. To add fun to the fitness activity, we also proposed an adaptive fitness game system for indoor use as well as a mobile adaptive fitness game for outdoor use. Both proposals are able to dynamically adapt game difficulty to users' heart rate, measured by a pulse oximeter, so that users are motivated to perform physical activity at the right intensity.