Designing Visual User Interfaces for Mobile Applications (Invited Tutorial)
Authors: Chittaro L.
Published in: Proceedings of EICS 2011: 3rd ACM International Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems, ACM Press, New York, June 2011, pp. 331-332.
Abstract: People want to do more with their mobile phones and every day new mobile applications are launched in a increasingly wide number of domains. However, traditional UI knowledge is not sufficient to design effective interfaces for mobile applications because the mobility context presents developers with several peculiarities and new challenges. This tutorial will introduce participants to the design of visual interfaces for mobile applications. In particular, it will: (i) illustrate the peculiar aspects of mobile interaction that make it more difficult to build effective user interfaces for mobile users, (ii) show how the powerful graphics capabilities of today’s mobile devices can be exploited to create interfaces that help users on the move do more with their phones, requiring less time and attention,. (iii) look at recent developments in the engineering of mobile UIs such as tool support for mobile interface development, including mobile end-user programming.