A High-Level Tool for Curators of 3D Virtual Visits and its Application to a Virtual Exhibition of Renaissance Frescoes
Authors: Chittaro L., Ieronutti L., Ranon R., Visintini D., Siotto E.
Published in: Proceedings of VAST 2010: 11th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Eurographics/Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, September 2010, pp. 147-154.
Abstract: This paper presents a high-level tool to build 3D virtual exhibitions from pre-existing 3D models and design virtual visits. Our tool exploits AI techniques and careful interaction design to require minimal technical knowledge by a curator, and allows one to: (i) easily arrange 3D models (e.g. of artworks) in a virtual space; (ii) find, through an assisted procedure, interesting points of view in the virtual exhibition, and add multimedia information to them; (iii) design virtual visits that connect those points of view to form interactive tours with various levels of navigation assistance for the visitor. Moreover, we show how the tool has been used to build the virtual visit of a church with important Renaissance frescoes.
Copyright: This is a preprint version of the article. The definitive version is available at diglib.eg.org and www.blackwell-synergy.com. Copyright of the published article by EUROGRAPHICS / Blackwell Publishing, 2010.