Accurately Measuring the Satisfaction of Visual Properties in Virtual Camera Control
Authors: Ranon R., Christie M., Urli T.
Published in: Proceedings of SG 2010: 10th international symposium on Smart Graphics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6133, Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, June 2010, pp. 91-102.
Abstract: Declarative approaches to camera control model inputs as properties on the camera and then rely on constraint-based and/or op- timization techniques to compute the camera parameters or paths that best satisfy those properties. To reach acceptable performances, such approaches often (if not always) compute properties satisfaction in an approximate way. Therefore, it is difficult to measure results in terms of accuracy, and also compare approaches that use different approxima- tions. In this paper, we propose a simple language which can be used to express most of the properties proposed in the literature and whose semantics provide a way to accurately measure their satisfaction. The language can be used for several purposes, for example to measure how accurate a specific approach is and to compare two distinct approaches in terms of accuracy.
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