Presenting Evacuation Instructions on Mobile Devices by means of Location-Aware 3D Virtual Environments
Authors: Chittaro L., Nadalutti D.
Published in: Proceedings of MOBILE HCI 2008: 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, ACM Press, New York, September 2008, pp. 395-398.
Abstract: Natural and man-made disasters present the need to efficiently and effectively evacuate the people occupying the affected buildings. Providing appropriate evacuation instructions to the occupants of the building is a crucial aspect for the success of the evacuation. This paper presents an approach for giving evacuation instructions on mobile devices based on interactive location-aware 3D models of the building. User’s position into the building is determined by using active short-range RFID technology. A preliminary user evaluation of the system has been carried out in the building of our Department.
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