Adaptive 3D Web Sites
Authors: Chittaro L., Ranon R.
Published in: In Brusilovsky, P., Kobsa, A., Nejdl, W. (eds.), The Adaptive Web - Methods and Strategies of Web Personalization, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 4321, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, June 2007, pp. 433-464.
Abstract: In recent years, technological developments have made it possible to build interactive 3D models of objects and 3D Virtual Environments that can be experienced through the Web, using common, low-cost personal computers. As in the case of Web-based hypermedia, adaptivity can play an important role in increasing the usefulness, effectiveness and usability of 3D Web sites, i.e., Web sites distributing 3D content. This paper introduces the reader to the concepts, issues and techniques of adaptive 3D Web sites.
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