Interactive Walkthrough of Large 3D Models of Buildings on Mobile Devices
Authors: Mulloni A., Nadalutti D., Chittaro L.
Published in: Proceedings of Web3D 2007:12th International Conference on 3D Web Technology, ACM Press, New York,April 2007, pp. 17-25.
Abstract: Interactive visualization of large 3D architectural models on mobile devices such as PDAs would significantly benefit applications such as indoor navigators and mobile tourist guides, on-site monitoring and annotation of architectural designs at construction sites, evacuation training and evacuation guidance. Although PDAs are becoming more powerful and a few are even equipped with 3D hardware accelerators, their performance does not yet allow to handle a large architectural model at an acceptable frame rate. To face this problem, we propose and experiment a system that exploits hierarchical view frustum culling and portal culling for interactively visualizing 3D architectural models on mobile devices. We also discuss the performance of the system and its integration with our mobile X3D player (MobiX3D). The performance of the system has been evaluated on a large three-floor building with 39 rooms, 42 stairs and 42 doors.
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