Destroying Cultural Heritage:Technical, Emotional and Exhibition Aspects inSimulating Earthquake Effects on a Gothic Cathedral
Authors: L. Chittaro, R. Ranon, D. Corvaglia
Published in: Proceedings of VAST 2006: 7th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage, Eurographics/Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, October 2006, pp. 229-236.
Abstract: While a significant research effort has been devoted to produce virtual reconstructions of cultural heritage, the issue of reproducing the effects of natural or man-provoked disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods, wars) on cultural heritage has received much less attention. Moreover, presenting these events with multimedia installations on museums requires to consider how to properly convey the dramatic aspects of the experience besides the faithful simulation of the damage caused. In this paper, we focus specifically on earthquakes and their effects on historical buildings.We present the methodology we have followed to produce a museum experience of a real earthquake that struck a gothic cathedral. We discuss technical (e.g., building a 3D model that is suitable to the considered purpose), emotional (e.g., testing the exhibit with pilot studies on users), and exhibition aspects (e.g., using infrasound to increase the realism of the experience and the dramatic feelings it evokes).
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