The Interactive 3D Breakaway Map: a Navigation and Examination Aid for Multi-Floor 3D Worlds
Authors: Chittaro L., Gatla V.K., Venkataraman S.
Published in: Proceedings of CW 2005: 4th International Conference on Cyberworlds, IEEE Press, Los Alamitos, CA, November 2005, pp.59-66.
Abstract: In this paper, we propose the Interactive 3D BreakAway Map (I3BAM), an extension of the well-known Worlds In Miniature (stoakley, 1995). The I3BAM supports user navigation in virtual buildings as a navigation aid, but also provides a means of examining any floor of a virtual building without having to necessarily navigate it. The aid presents multiple views of a virtual building and provides information about both the internal and external structure of a building. The paper also includes some implementation details and shows an application of the I3BAM to help users learn how to navigate real buildings.
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