Driver Distraction Caused by Mobile Devices: Studying and Reducing Safety Risks
Authors: Chittaro L., De Marco L.
Published in: Proceedings of International Workshop on Mobile Technologies and Health: Benefits and Risks, Udine (Italy), June 2004
Abstract: In this paper, we survey the different topics and issues related to the study and prevention of risks associated to the in-car usage of mobile devices (such as cellular phones) and complex interfaces (such as Advanced Traveller Information Systems or ATIS). More specifically, we will first give a classification of the types of driver distraction, addressing some of its specific sources and the incidence on safety; then, we will illustrate the tasks carried out on mobile devices that are most likely to lead to crashes and we will give examples of the risks of using mobile devices while driving. We will then concentrate on how the safety-relevant distraction effects induced by a particular device interface can be measured and how the design of the device user interfaces can be made safer.