Visualization of User's Behavior in Indoor Virtual Environments through Interactive Heatmaps
Authors: Chittaro L., Serafini M.
Published in: Proceedings of INTERACT 2021: 18th IFIP International Conference on Human–Computer Interaction, LNCS 12935, Springer, Berlin, August 2021.
Abstract: Three-dimensional virtual environments (VEs), such as those used in video games and virtual reality experiences, pose new challenges to the study of user's behavior. This paper proposes a system based on the combination of two heatmaps for the analysis of user’s movement in the VE and of the areas looked at by him/her. It also describes a pilot study aimed at assessing the efficacy of the system. Results of the study indicate that the system can effectively support ana-lysts in identifying user’s look-at behaviors as well as navigation strategies, pat-terns, and coverage of specific areas during movement.