Visualizing Information on Mobile Devices
Visualization has a relevant role in almost every domain of computer applications. It is thus natural to think about bringing visualization techniques to mobile devices to harness the power of visualization anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, limitations of mobile devices (e.g., limited screen size) and their context of use (e.g., limited attention in mobility conditions) make it impossible to follow a trivial porting approach from desktop computers to mobile devices. In this project, we are studying specific visualizations for the mobile context, focusing on the 6 major aspects one should take into consideration in the design process: (i) how to encode information visually, (ii) how to select data which is relevant to the considered task, (iii) how to lay out the visualization on the available screen space, (iv) what tools should be provided to explore and rearrange the visualization, (v) how to take into account human perception and cognitive capabilities, (vi) how to test the effectiveness of the visualization on users.
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