Mobile Guide

A mobile guide for tourists, available for Pocket PCs and mobile phones, supports and enhances a tourist visit.

By automatically detecting the user's position, the mobile guide is able to provide navigation information along paths and touristic information by means of audio, images, videos and 3D virtual simulations.


The mobile guide pages have moved to a new Web site.
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July 31, 2007

Our Mobile Guide software is now marketed by Mobile3D srl.
Browse the pages of Mobile3D web site to get more information about the latest version of the product.

February 21, 2006

HCI Lab launches the new version of its mobile guide at BIT 2006.
BIT (International Tourism Exchange) is the world's largest exhibition of Italian products and services for the travel industry, and attracts over 150'000 visitors from about 100 countries every year. The new version of our mobile tourist guide is now available for mobile phones as well as PDAs.

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Frees the tourist from unpractical paper maps and guides

Contextualized information based on the user's position

Clear and simple navigation information to reach points of interest:

  • Audio directions to navigate without the need to look at the display
  • Arrows superimposed on photographs to easily reach the destination

Personalized information based on user's interests:

  • Images and datailed text about the visited places
  • Videos about locations under restoration or not accessible

3D simulations to "travel" through time and space:

  • A "window on the past" about the visited places as they looked like in other historical periods