The AEON app aims at helping users practice a mindfulness technique that requires individuals not to react in response to their thoughts, but to be aware of them and observe them while they are going away (distancing from thoughts). AEON originated from the “computer-supported mindfulness” research started in 2011 by prof. Luca Chittaro at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab of the University of Udine.

Effectiveness of the AEON app

The effectiveness of the AEON app was tested in a thorough lab study, published by the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (Elsevier), see reference (Chittaro & Vianello, 2014). The study contrasted the AEON app with two well-known, traditional techniques for distancing from thoughts, on a sample of novice meditators. AEON allowed participants to reach a better level of mindfulness than traditional methods. Moreover, the app turned out to be more pleasant and easy to practice than traditional methods. Two additional, long-term studies of AEON are currently on-going.


(use this reference for citing AEON in scientific and technical papers)

Chittaro L., Vianello, A., Computer-supported mindfulness: evaluation of a mobile thought distancing application on naive meditators, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 72(3), 2014, pp. 337–348.