Our Safety Apps

Immerse yourself in the world of air safety with lots of engaging 3D experiences, including the world's first interactive airline safety card, and different types of games.

The first mobile app that reproduces the full experience of real-world aircraft emergencies from the passenger’s viewpoint.

An important action that every passenger should be familiar with is to assume an appropriate brace position before an impact occurs.

Learn to Brace is a 3D app to illustrate in a simple and intuitive way a brace position.

Will your plane fly over water? You must be able to wear a life vest!

The Life Vest app is a 3D interactive game about how to wear a life vest.

Plane Troubles is a unique 2D arcade game that turns aircraft evacuation training into pure entertainment.

The first virtual reality experience of a full airliner water landing and evacuation, from the passenger's perspective.

Live it in first-person on the Oculus Rift.

(this app is no longer available on the Oculus store)

Developed in collaboration with Firefighters and with the Regional Council of the Associations of Disabled Persons FVG, this 3D game allows you to test your ability to help disabled persons in emergency evacuations such as in earthquakes or fires.

A 3D serious game that trains nurses and doctors in Advanced Life Support (ALS), developed in collaboration with Emergency Medical Services doctors.

Used in real ALS refresh courses.

A 3D serious game that trains citizens about protective behaviors in evacuating the scene of a terror attack.

A 3D serious game that trains first responders in prioritizing victims' treatment in a major accident, developed with doctors of Emergency Medical Services.

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