Will your plane fly over water? You must be able to wear a life vest!

When a plane needs to perform an emergency water landing (ditching), passengers must be able to quickly wear life vests to survive.

The Life Vest app, created by the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Udine, is an interactive game that allows you to face the danger of a water landing in a 3D experience.

Through three different game levels, you can interact with the game character to make it wear the life vest properly and to hopefully jump out of the plane alive. You can also face time challenges and compare your results with those of your friends and other players.

The 3D model of the life vest is an high-fidelity reproduction of a real vest used by many airlines.

However, the ideas and suggestions contained in the Life Vest app are NOT intended as a substitute for the information provided by the airline you are flying with. When you are on a plane, always follow strictly all the instructions provided by the airline and its crew members.



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