Aviation Safety Projects at our Lab

This web site summarizes the main public results of the aviation safety research projects conducted at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab of the University of Udine since 2012. Part of our research on Aviation Safety is supported by grants of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition to aviation safety tools, our lab creates innovative gamification solutions for airline, aircraft manufacturer, and airport, communication needs. 

We have also contributed to the creation of the AVIETRA start-up, which develops Virtual Reality applications for cabin crew training.

New-Generation Tools for Aviation

Our mission is to leverage the power of digital media (interactive instructions, virtual reality, mobile apps, video games,…) to reinvent safety instructions, cabin safety training, aviation education and communication in novel ways, making them more effective as well as more engaging [Read More]

The Science of Preparedness

The effectiveness of every new tool we create in our lab is assessed with rigorous studies. Results are submitted for peer-review to major scientific journal. For a list of selected publications  [Click here]

Try our Demos first-hand

To illustrate how our tools work in practice, we let you play with demo versions of some of them for all major operating systems (Android, Apple iOS, Windows). For a list of currently downloadable demos and videos [Click here]

As Featured on...

Some of our aviation tools and studies are featured on major international media.

To watch or read the most notable coverage [Click here]

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