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  • 03 February 2022
    A physical training app for paraplegic users
    A clinical study, published today in the Digital Health Journal, has evaluated the physical exercise app we developed for paraplegic users. The study was carried out by the Spinal Unit of the IMFR "Gervasutta" hospital, and highlighted the advantages of introducing an app in physical maintenance programs for paraplegic patients.
  • 06 April 2021
    Training with VR headsets, smartphones or traditional materials?
    Our latest study, just published in the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, compares the effectiveness of the same training content delivered through immersive VR (headset), non-immersive VR (smartphone), and traditional printed pictorials. Both VR content delivery methods produced greater knowledge gain, 2-weeks retention as well as trainee's confidence than traditional printed pictorials. Moreover, immersive VR produced more engagement than the other two methods.