MB-339 PAN Development Team (in alphabetical order):

Luca Chittaro Prof. Luca Chittaro
Luca Chittaro is professor of Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Udine. He leads several research projects and is author of many international publications. To know more, visit his homepage.
Luca Masera Dr. Luca Masera
Luca Masera has graduated in Computer Science at the University of Udine.
Augusto Senerchia Dr. Augusto Senerchia
Augusto Senerchia has been a Research Fellow at the University of Udine, and was involved in research projects at HCI Lab.
Massimo Tammaro Capt. Massimo Tammaro
Massimo Tammaro has been a pilot of the italian aerobatic team Frecce Tricolori from 1998 to 2010. From 2005 to 2010 he was leader and then commander of the team. He was the beta-tester for the development of the MB-339 PAN package, and gave us precious technical advice to make our virtual plane as realistic as possibile.