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28 February 2011
Context-aware fitness games for mobile phones.
Our latest mobile fitness game employs sensors that detect user's speed and heart rate and adapt gameplay to maximize cardiovascular benefits. Read all about it in the journal paper that has been published by IEEE Pervasive and watch the video demo.
29 November 2010
HCI Lab releases a public demo of VEX, a 3D software for designing virtual visits and exhibitions.
Head on to the download page, try the software, and let us know what you think!
30 September 2010
HCI Lab presents its new tool for virtual exhibition design at Le Louvre in Paris.
The presentation took place in the context of the 11th VAST International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, which selected our contribution as a full paper.
10 September 2010
Our lab presents two papers at the MOBILE HCI 2010 International Conference.
The conference selection process was so strict that only 17% of short papers submissions and only 23% of full papers submissions were accepted. Our two papers deal respectively with communication between medical responders and deaf persons and menu selection for blind users on mobile devices.
28 June 2010
Our lab presented two papers at Smart Graphics 2010 in Canada.
10 June 2010
Persuasion through Virtual Reality.
This week, at the Persuasive 2010 International Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, we have presented our accepted full paper that shows how Virtual Reality can be an effective tool to induce emotions (including anxiety) and change people attitudes towards personal safety topics. The conference selection process was very strict leading to the acceptance of less than a third of the 80 submitted papers.
20 April 2010
Designing multimodal interfaces for mobile devices.
Future interfaces of phones and other mobile devices will be increasingly multimodal. Read Luca Chittaro's introduction and advice on mobile multimodal interfaces in the invited paper just published by Springer's Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces.
26 March 2010
HCI Lab receives honorary mention at the IEEE Conference on Games for Serious Applications.
Our serious game for training medical first responders received the honorary mention as one of the three best full papers of the international conference IEEE VS-GAMES 2010.
19 November 2009
Easily arranging 3D objects in virtual worlds.
Today, at the ACM VRST 2009 Symposium, our lab presents a full paper on the effectiveness of combining a first person and a map view in 3D object arrangement tasks. Our work is one of the 21 full-papers accepted by the conference out of 61 submitted.
15 September 2009
The director of our lab gives invited tutorial on Mobile Visualization at Mobile HCI 2009.
Luca Chittaro presented the tutorial today at the Mobile HCI 2009 international conference in Bonn. The speech dealt with how to build effective visual interfaces on mobile devices and the slides have been made available on the Web.