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03 March 2008
Wearable Systems for Outdoor Fitness Training.
Our lab has proposed a context-aware and user-adaptive wearable system for outdoor fitness training, which exploits position and physiological sensors as well as a 3D virtual trainer to provide users with tailored advice and exercises. You can read the details in the paper that has just appeared in the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine journal, Special issue on Wearable Computing and Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Applications.
04 February 2008
Interactive visual analysis of geographic data on mobile devices.
Geographic data is often crucial to support users' activities in the field. Our lab has developed a highly interactive interface based on visual dynamic queries that allows users to manage geographic data on mobile devices. Read all about it in the paper that has just appeared in the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing.
03 January 2008
Visual analysis of users' mobile browsing behaviors.
Our lab has developed a system that visually highlights various aspects of how users browse an information space on a mobile device. You can read in detail about it in the paper published by IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, and chosen by the magazine as its January/February 2008 Highlight.
01 October 2007
Navigation support and user differences in 3D Virtual Environments.
In a paper that has just appeared in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, we have studied some new navigation aids for 3D Virtual Environments as well as the effects of past user experience with 3D environments on the effectiveness of these aids.
13 August 2007
Adaptive 3D Educational Virtual Enviroments.
Our lab has developed a system, based on a well-known adaptive hypermedia framework, able to create a 3D virtual environment that selects and personalize interactive learning content for users. You can read in detail about it in the paper that has just appeared in the IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine, Special issue on Intelligent Educational Systems.
04 July 2007
Videogames that adapt to your heart rate.
Last week, at the Smartgraphics symposium in Kyoto, Japan, we have presented our videogame architecture that adapts to the player's heart rate (see the video). The system has generated a lot of interest, and the news is being featured by lots of popular Web sites, including Engadget, Wired, Joystiq, The Feed, and many others.
15 April 2007
HCI Lab faculty edit special issue on "Web 3D Technologies for Learning, Education and Training".
Luca Chittaro and Roberto Ranon are guest editors of the special issue of the Computers & Education journal on the different aspects of using Web 3D technologies for building learning, educational and training applications.
12 April 2007
The new Web: 3D, Adaptive, Mobile and Spatial.
Read all about state-of-the-art solutions and technologies for creating new Web applications that include 3D, Adaptive and Map-based features in two different invited textbook chapters written by HCI Lab members. One is about Adaptive 3D Web Sites and the other about map-based applications for mobile devices.
19 December 2006
Visual analysis of people's movements.
Our lab has developed a system that traces, visualizes and provides insights on users' movements in virtual as well as real places. You can read in detail about it in the paper that has just appeared in the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Special issue on Visual Analytics.
26 October 2006
The major italian financial newspaper devotes a long article to our MOPET project.
In a long article, the Sole 24 Ore newspaper presented today MOPET (Mobile Personal Trainer), our innovative mobile application that assists and guides users in outdoor fitness trails, monitoring life parameters through wireless sensors and teaching fitness exercises by means of a 3D character.